Free Fall Learning Series

VAIL is pleased to be able to bring you free online learning opportunities!

Each seminar will be from noon to 1 PM on Zoom.  Registration is required.

October 2020

October 1st
SNAP, TANF, & Energy Benefits—Carolyn Harlow, Harrisonburg Rockingham Department of Social Services
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October 6th
Resume Writing & Interview Tips—Diane Haldane, VAIL
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October 8th
Budgeting—Alana Stevenson, VAIL
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October 13th
Virginia Housing Rental Unit Accessibility Modification Program—Gayl Brunk, VAIL
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October 15th
Division of Rehabilitative Services & How To Access—Jessica DeCarlo, Department of Aging & Rehabilitative Services
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October 20th
Understanding A Paycheck & Paying Bills—Chelsea Skelton, VAIL
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October 22nd
Self-Advocacy—Alana Stevenson, VAIL
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October 27th
Online Grocery Shopping & Grocery / Meal Delivery—Ana Hunter-Nickels, VAIL
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October 29th
Social Security Disability Benefits & WISA Services—Diane Haldane, VAIL
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If any accommodations are needed, please contact email Requests should be made as soon as possible but at least 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting.

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