Now Hiring

VAIL is pleased to announce that we will be hiring for a temporary, grant-funded position. This position can be part-time or full-time. Benefits are included for full-time employees. Individuals with a disability are encouraged to apply.

Social Support Specialist

General Responsibilities:
Provide individuals with disabilities information and assistance with accessing vaccines, connecting to other services, inclusion and access to activities that address social isolation and social determinants of health and other activities that ensure individuals with disabilities have information, connection, and access to health services and support.

Duties Include:
– Connect with local public health officials and participate in meetings as appropriate.
– Assist individuals with disabilities in receiving vaccinations and boosters as well as provide assistance for individuals who have been exposed and/or have contracted COVID.
– Perform individual and community/systems advocacy, information & referral, community education, networking & collaboration, and peer support.
– Assist consumers with securing needed services and supports, including transportation, housing, SSA, SNAP, and other identified social determinants of health.
– Provide transportation as needed to individuals and small groups as well as staff throughout Planning District 6 and the Commonwealth as needed.
– Develop individualized Independent Living Plans (ILPs) based on each individual’s goals and needs.
– Represent VAIL at community functions as assigned.
– Maintain quality documentation, complete & concise records, and reporting of activities.
– Respond to information & referral calls in a timely and appropriate manner.
– Maintain confidentiality of consumers.
– Maintain working relationships with other service organizations.
– Attend staff meetings and trainings, and other meetings, as required.
– Participate in program, service, and staff development activities.
– Function as a team member with other staff, coordinating schedules, transportation, and reporting.
– Additional duties as assigned by supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications:
– The Social Support Specialist must possess an Associates or Bachelors degree in a human services profession and/or work experience in the field of independent living.
– Previous experience should include use of Word, Excel, Outlook, and web-based applications.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:
– Knowledge of disability services in Virginia
– Knowledge of the independent living movement & philosophy
– Ability to communicate effectively with individuals both in person and in writing
– Working knowledge of services for persons with disabilities
– Ability to work independently and use independent judgment
– Ability to record and deliver information and maintain appropriate records
– Ability to attend functions throughout the Commonwealth as needed
– Ability to develop rapport and communicate with different types of persons from diverse cultural backgrounds

Pay will be commensurate with experience, beginning at $15/hour.